non slip vinyl flooring for kitchens & bathrooms

Researching flooring for your kitchen and bathroom? You’re in the right place. Your best bet for a durable, low-maintenance floor is a range of non-slip vinyl flooring for kitchens and bathrooms. Water-resistant laminate is also a great option. Waterproof nonslip kitchen and bathroom vinyl floors are quick and easy to clean. They also come in

Commercial vinyl flooring

Why Vinyl Flooring For Commercial Spaces

Commercial vinyl flooring is a great solution for businesses that would like to install long-lasting durable flooring on their premises. There are different suppliers of commercial flooring in Australia. Finding the right flooring supplier and product can often be a tedious task. When installed correctly, vinyl floors look amazing. Designed to replicate a large number

vinyl plank flooring melbourne

If you are building a new home, vinyl plank flooring is an important part of your it. When you look to vinyl plank flooring, from a distance you might think that cheap and luxury vinyl wood plank flooring seems similar. But after you install the vinyl planks, and see them deeply and walk on them,

Hybrid vinyl flooring planks are the right choice for your house. You may wonder why? One of the exciting prospects which can also be daunting jobs to do is choosing a new floor for your home. It requires some research and determination for the right flooring choice for you and your home. It depends on

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