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Leading supplier of quality flooring.


We deliver 100s of high quality residential and commercial jobs each year.

The finished cost will depend on the size and quality of the material.

Melbourne Flooring is 100% employee-owned. As owners, employees are motivated to excel, to hold each other accountable, and to ensure that everyone has the responsibility, the freedom, and the power to act.
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Quality carpets with the right care can last for many years.

Large selection of colors, textures and patterns.

The most popular type of flooring for areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Hybrid vinyl floors are designed to combine the greatest attributes of vinyl and laminate.

Our Laminate flooring is built with a natural, beautiful and, timeless material in Melbourne.

Vinyl flooring offers durability and resilience unmatched by most any other flooring option.

We at Melbourne Flooring are one of the companies that allow customers to browse our quality carpet selection online.

Vinyl sheeting is very resistant to heat, stains, and water damage.