A surface layer of laminate flooring consists of two thin sheets of paper that have been melamine-impregnated.

Our laminate flooring in Melbourne is constructed from a natural, lovely, and classic substance.

Due to its affordable pricing and natural hardwood look, laminate flooring is a very popular product among Melbourne homes. Our laminate floors come in a variety of styles and colours to match your home and décor, making them ideal for active families.

Laminate flooring is available in many different designs and is created to resemble many different types of flooring. The most popular sort of laminate flooring is made to resemble wood, but it may also be used to emulate the majority of common flooring types, including:

  • Aquastop Laminate
  • Arborlok Longboard
  • Oakleaf HD Plus Laminate
  • Pinaco Delication
  • Pinaco Selection

What is Laminate Flooring made of?

Laminate flooring is consisting of several composite material layers topped with an "image" layer intended to replicate the look of wood, stone, or tile. The composite material typically includes melamine resin and wood fiberboard, with a coating of clear vinyl covering the top layer for durability.

Appearance Of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring initially has the appearance of real wood flooring. The planks are the same size as natural wood planks and have a wood-grain appearance. Laminate wood planks are the finest substitute for hardwood because of this. Additionally, they outlive most stronger woods. People can choose the design of their laminate flooring because the designs are derived from photos.

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Installation Of Laminate Flooring

The installation of laminate flooring is one of the things you should know. The flooring must be installed with considerable expertise. In contrast to other items, where the pieces must be put in place with a small quantity of glue, each piece of this one locks into the other.

Maintaining Laminate Flooring

Maintaining laminate floors is simple. The laminate flooring's protective layer traps dirt and debris on its surface, making it simple to clean and sterilize whenever necessary. All you have to do is regularly vacuum or dry clean the floor. You can use a mild soap solution to clear spots that require more thorough cleaning. Just be careful not to leave puddles on the floor's surface for an extended period of time. Swelling can happen if water is allowed to accumulate. For many types of settings, laminate flooring is a practical and affordable option. In comparison to other flooring options like carpets that need frequent cleaning, it is also healthier and cleaner. Pet dander, dust, and other allergens are less likely to form on laminate floors. Additionally, it prevents stains from penetrating underneath the surface. The best part is that it is resilient, simple to install, affordable, and long-lasting.

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