Linoleum Flooring Melbourne

Linoleum flooring (also known as lino flooring) is made from natural fresh materials and is the most maintainable flooring choice.

We at Melbourne Flooring supply and install residential and commercial linoleum flooring in Melbourne with sustainability, permanency, excellent quality, and advanced design.

Our linoleum flooring services include:

  • Residential linoleum flooring for houses, townhouses and apartments.
  • Commercial linoleum flooring for Offices, Industrial Buildings, Manufacturing Sites, Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, Schools, Universities and hospitals.

Discover our versatile range of linoleum flooring samples in Melbourne with different designs structures to choose from, available in sheet and tile formats.

Our Affordable Commercial Linoleum Flooring

Today's commercial Lino flooring uses high-definition production for a hardwood or tile look that is extremely accurate. Our industrial lino flooring locking system is precision-engineered for easy installation. Our flooring materials are also affordable, strong and flexible. This type of flooring conceals imperfections of the floor beneath and it is waterproof which makes it a great flooring option on and below ground level.

Melbourne Flooring has the answer for all businesses of any size including hotels, bars, hospitals, offices, banks, shops, sport activity complexes, etc. We specialise in commercial flooring installation and can give you the recommendation for the proper type of flooring with long-term durability. Choosing the proper flooring can make your property more appealing and welcoming and improve the inside.

Contact Melbourne Flooring if you would like to give the interior of your commercial property a new look.

commercial linoleum flooring melbourne

Residential Linoleum Flooring Melbourne

Linoleum also is known as lino can be installed in wet and high traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. It is a perfect choice for residential premises such as houses, apartments and townhouses. The long lifespan of this type of flooring makes it a perfect choice for house owners. The kitchen and bathroom linoleum flooring are water-resistant and durable.

We at Melbourne Flooring, have a wide range of linoleum flooring available. Discuss you requirements today.

How much does Linoleum flooring cost?

The cost of Linoleum flooring depends on many factors such as quality of the product and whether you have complications in your floor.

Generally, the linoleum prices start from $45 per square meter supplied and installed.

The price provided is only a guide for common installations and for the exact prices, Melbourne Flooring Team must assess the job before quoting.

Advantages of Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum Flooring is water-resistant which makes it ideal for high-moisture spaces like basements, restrooms, and mudrooms. Its water-resistant features remain even after weeks and weeks of testing in the water.

Linoleum is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, heat resistant, and low-maintenance, and these are only a couple of the qualities linoleum has got to offer. It has a long lifespan which in the right conditions can last 25 to 40 years. At the end of it's life-cycle it can be completely recycled.

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