Armstrong commercial vinyl plank flooring

Armstrong Vinyl Plank

We offer Luxury Armstrong vinyl planks with the highest quality and design with durability available in various designs.

Heartridge Vinyl Plank

Heartridge Vinyl Plank can give your home or workplace the impression of looking larger and more open, adding an attractive atmosphere to your home.

Heartridge vinyl planks
signature vinyl planks

Signature Vinyl Plank

Signature Vinyl Plank has excellent performance combined with modern design trends. They are easy to install, simple to sustain and can be installed in every room of your home. Vinyl comes in different thicknesses and providing extra cushioning for extra comfort. In addition to being soft, this added thickness also provides a quiet surface and thermal barrier.

Pegulan Flooring

Pgulan flooring is a perfect choice for high traffic areas in the house like living areas, kitchens and dining rooms. We offer pegulan hybrid flooring with high quality available in different colors.

Pegulan Hybrid Flooring Melbourne


polyfloor vinyl sheets are more suitable for hospitals and healthcare buildings. Because of its polyurethane surface coating, it is easy to maintain. We supply and install polyfloor vinyl sheets with high quality.

Karndean Vinyl Plank

Karndean Vinyl Plank has used modern technology to bring the floors that are eventual in style and give you extremely high performance with quality.

karndean vinyl plank
karndean vinyl plank

Interface Carpet Tile Flooring

Interface is a universal manufacturer of commercial carpet tiles. You can see Interface carpet tiles on the floors of several offices, government buildings, retail outlets and universities all around the world. We at Melbourne Flooring can supply and install all ranges of Interface carpet tiles at extremely competitive prices.