Heartridge Floors

Heartridge vinyl planks are durable and tough, produced which are the ideal answer for commercial, public places and even residential use.

We at Melbourne Flooring are a proud supplier and installer of heartridge vinyl planks.

We rely on our ongoing success as a leading supplier and installer of flooring in Melbourne and happy to provide our customers with world-class service and commitment to our customers.

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Heartridge vinyl planks

Heartridge vinyl planks

The remarkable Heartridge vinyl planks are truly one of the most cheerful and practical commercial floor coverings available in Melbourne. It has been prearranged considering business use.

The tiles sizing is measured 50cm wide and 50cm long provided in every pack individually. It is accompanied by Bitumen backing as well, which enhances additional durability and comfort to the floor. Link this with its excessive 8mm heap stature and you will have one of the coziest business floor coverings available. It might be introduced with underfloor heating too which is unbelievable for keeping your workplace hotter during chilly seasons. As the flooring is provided in the design of tiles, you'll find it a lot simpler for your eyes.

You should buy these top-notch Heartridge vinyl planks now and see just how reasonable luxury ground surface it can be. Contact Melbourne Flooring to get a free quote right now.

Heartridge vinyl planks specifications

This floor is appropriate with underfloor warming frameworks if it's not too much trouble following the producer's rules for establishment strategies.


This flooring is reasonable for pain points in the home, for example, restrooms and kitchens as it is 100% waterproof, ideal for those overabundant children at shower time or the muddled canine bowl region! The waterproof flooring is immaculate to be utilized all through the home as it gives true serenity.


Heartridge vinyl planks accompany a smooth or slight finished surface, dissimilar to different styles such as a characteristic surface or our ultra genuine surface, smooth surface floors, for the most part, don't have similar realness as more finished floors.


This floor is calmer underneath contrasted and other ground surface items, for example, overlay, genuine wood and fired tiles, making it magnificent for those noisier family units.


Heartridge vinyl plank surface is truly simple to clean and requires extremely insignificant upkeep, ideal for those bustling mortgage holders.


Ideal for homes with pets, this floor is pet amicable as it's tough and simple to clean and keep up.