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Interface is an international commercial flooring company with a combined collection of carpet tiles and resilient flooring, their modular system can help customers to make interior spaces that are eco-conscious and have an encouraging environmental impact.

We supply and install high-quality Interface carpet tiles throughout Melbourne, Victoria.

Our team of installers have lots of experience installing a different type of floorings in different types of properties from the smallest studio apartment to the largest mansion household!

Interface flooring products that we provide include:

  • Resilient Carpet Tiles
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
  • Nora® Rubber Flooring
Interface Carpet Tile Melbourne

Interface Carpet Tile

In any interior space, the flooring is the key to make it elegant. It has a really huge impact on either the look and how space makes you feel. Floorings unlike any other surface have to resist the wear and tear of foot traffic and furniture.

Interface, create carpet tiles that combine visual demand, practical performance and design freedom. modular carpet tiles have a concept to meet the fast-changing requirements of the workplace.

Interface is a carpet-tile revolutionary

Throughout Australia, 95% of Interface's energy use comes from renewable sources, a huge leap from 2012 when the number stood at 33%. This has protected the company from energy price instability and carbon-related price actions.

So how has Interface reached such huge reductions in energy and water usage?

Meeting the challenge of absolutely nothing impact on the environment is not as easy to pursue. It requires a certain mindset, an ambitious energy efficiency program and the technology to go with it. It means an approach to sustainability that affects every single part of the company's business, inspiring Interface and its people to repeatedly push at the boundaries.

The new pre-coat manufacturing line is one of the innovations that helped Interface slot to reduce its energy use. Pre-coat is a significant part of the backing that carries the look and feel of a carpet by fixing the yarn in place –Interface use latex for this layer.

The new pre-coat way makes more efficient use of hot air all the way through ultra-efficient ovens, cutting gas consumption and intensely reducing the company's need for fossil fuels.

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