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Hybrid vinyl flooring planks are the right choice for your house. You may wonder why?

One of the exciting prospects which can also be daunting jobs to do is choosing a new floor for your home. It requires some research and determination for the right flooring choice for you and your home. It depends on your lifestyle, your family, your home’s location and aesthetics, the room itself, your available space, and your budget.

Options vary from carpet, which adds warmth and cosines, to laminate for an easy-clean option with the authentic appearance of wood; to timber for a modern, long-lasting result; or bamboo for strength and flexibility. Ceramic tiles are hypoallergenic, cool, and last a long time. Alternatively, you may prefer vinyl for its durability and resilience. Hybrid vinyl offers the best privileges of both laminate and vinyl, with the appealing look of timber.

What is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

Hybrid vinyl is an innovative solution for covering the floor. It has the best features of vinyl and laminate. Unlike most of the other flooring materials, it is suitable to install it thoroughly in the house. It provides you with the appearance and authenticity of timber flooring without the price tag or the drawbacks of timber.

They are remarkably durable. It is crafted from a high-density core of materials including limestone, virgin vinyl, bamboo flour, and recycled wood. It is a rigid, hard-wearing floating floor, yet it still has the comfort and warmth of natural wood.

Why Choose Hybrid Vinyl?

Hybrid vinyl is a flooring material that you can truly trust in it for delivering on its promise. It has both the performance and appearance of timber or laminate flooring without the downsides of the other materials.

Maybe, the biggest merit of them is that it is naturally waterproof, meaning it is ideal for installation throughout the entire home, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Timber and laminate flooring are not suitable for use in such spaces.

Other benefits of:

  • A consistent, seamless, fresh look

  • Durability

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Superior quality

  • Relative affordability

They come in a vast array of colors, textures, and styles. Also, it can be installed on almost any subfloor surface.

Advantages of Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

With a hybrid vinyl flooring, you are getting a superior waterproof floor that is durable as well. Flooring leaders who have engineered these vinyl planks were thinking about eliminating common complaints of regular vinyl and laminate.


These planks are 100% waterproof. They can be used in residential and commercial applications. Also, they can be installed above and below grade.


Hybrid vinyl flooring planks provide a rigid core with the top coating of a laminate. With these features, they are considered as dent, scratch, stain, and UV resistant planks. They will hold up to pets, kids and foot traffic.


These planks can grab attention with imaging technology, texture, and edges that mimic the real look and feel of traditional hardwoods, without all the maintenance.

DIY Installation:

Hybrid vinyl flooring features the same tongue and groove click locking system as laminates and vinyl. with little equipment, they can be easily DIY installed.

Commercial Projects:

Hybrid vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice for commercial spaces. Not only do you get the waterproof qualities of vinyl, but you also get the surface durability, stain resistance and slight resistance of a laminate.


Hybrid vinyl flooring provides a rigid core construction that is dense and also thicker than traditional vinyl flooring. you will have added cushion and sound absorption if you choose a hybrid floor with attached underlayment or opt for an underlayment beneath your hybrid flooring.


You may have a hollow sound when you walk on your flooring, with a laminate or hardwood. With the rigid core technology, you will have a very solid step on your floor. But you can be sure that they produce little sound. If you opt for underlayment, the sound will be even lighter!

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

Laminate and vinyl flooring planks are both easy to clean and maintain. Hybrid vinyl flooring planks are no different! is all you need is regular sweeping, spot cleaning and weekly deeper cleaning.

The biggest problem of hybrid vinyl flooring is the price. You will find them more expensive than traditional vinyl or laminate due to the engineering of vinyl and laminate together. If you’re looking for an exceptional appearance mixed with unmatched waterproof durability, you may find the price tag is worth it!

Contact Melbourne Flooring today if you would like to install high-quality hybrid vinyl plank flooring for your home or business. 

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