Hybrid click lock vinyl flooring installation Melbourne

When you look at luxury click vinyl plank flooring from a distance, brands and types may seem to blend together. Even the lowest quality luxury click vinyl plank floor can put on a good show when you don’t examine it too carefully. But when you install the flooring, see it up close, touch it, and walk on it, the best types of click vinyl plank flooring quickly rise to the top.

There are several main factors that differentiate better click vinyl plank flooring from inexpensive floorings, such as thickness, core, wear layer, quality of register embossing, and the quality of the visual layer. Other points that help boost the quality of a brand or type of click vinyl plank flooring include the size of the selection, the company’s reputation and its longevity, and the flooring warranty.

Here are three click vinyl plank floors or series of floors considered to be the best purchases for your home.

Armstrong Click Vinyl Planks

Armstrong has long been a top manufacturer of floor coverings. Its major click vinyl plank line is called Luxe Plank. Along with its large selection of luxury click vinyl planks—currently, 108 species replicas—Armstrong makes your purchase decision simple by splintering its products into three quality designations: Good, Better, and Best.

We at Melbourne Flooring supply and install Armstrong click vinyl planks at affordable prices in Melbourne.

Most of Armstrong’s wood-style planks address safe, crowd-pleasing favorites like maple, oak, walnut, and jatoba. In the Best category, Luxe includes trendy wood treatments like weathered barn wood and amendoim, a type of Brazilian oak.

Armstrong’s luxury click vinyl plank flooring uses a self-stick adhesive called FasTak to join the boards, whether alone or in conjunction with a click-and-lock function. Unlike flooring adhesives of the past, FasTak is a lower-tack, pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be repositioned a number of times.

Karndean Luxury Click Vinyl Plank Flooring

Like the other manufacturers, Karndean is Well-known to buyers in Australia for over four decades, Karndean has slowly been making inroads nationwide in recent years.

We at Melbourne Flooring supply and install Karndean click vinyl plank flooring at affordable prices in Melbourne.

But Karndean wants to make one thing perfectly clear: its products are not mass-market, ultra-cheap, or boring. When you install Karndean flooring, it is assumed that you do not mind paying a bit more for luxury click vinyl flooring that looks better and installs a bit differently than most other luxury click vinyl plank products on the market.

Karndean offers unique wood parquet-look vinyl flooring that looks strikingly similar to the real wood product. Karndean tends to stay close to classic looks like lush oaks and maples, all in planks that are 4 1/2 mm thicknesses or more, with 20 mils wear layers.

Its products use a method of installation unique to Karndean, called Loose Lay. It doesn’t rely on click-and-lock or adhesives to join the planks. Instead, Loose Lay’s planks friction-grip the floor with a heavy, soft backing. Planks butt directly against skirt boards on the perimeter and against each other. This smooth method of laying vinyl plank flooring helps you avoid those inevitable bumps and ridges that develop from planks that refuse to click or fold into place.

Why Vinyl Flooring For Commercial Spaces

Commercial vinyl flooring

Commercial vinyl flooring is a great solution for businesses that would like to install long-lasting durable flooring on their premises. There are different suppliers of commercial flooring in Australia. Finding the right flooring supplier and product can often be a tedious task.

When installed correctly, vinyl floors look amazing. Designed to replicate a large number of different styles, you can get the aesthetic appeal of something luxurious at a fraction of the price.

Vinyl flooring can be used to mimic wood, natural stone and tiles, all in a variety of colours and patterns, all while allowing durability and easy maintenance – something which appeals to a large number of commercial users even commercial kitchen vinyl flooring. For more information on commercial vinyl flooring prices and types, you can contact us.

The advantage of vinyl flooring in commercial spaces

1. Choice of design and type

Designs and manufacture have come a long way since vinyl first appeared on the scene. Vinyl flooring comes primarily in three sizes. Vinyl sheeting is a modern variation of old linoleum, and allows for texture in your flooring, with ease of installation. The fact sheet vinyl can be installed in just one or two solid unbroken pieces means it is a better barrier to moisture, which is why in areas where moisture is a regular occurrence such as the kitchen, it is often chosen over planks and tiles.

Vinyl tiles enable you to make a pattern on your floor area or create a more natural look. Vinyl planks mimic hardwood planks and come in a range of lengths and widths – small herringbone pieces for example enable you to recreate a traditional floor style that is still very much on-trend.

2. Durability and sustainability

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable. There are a number of coating options you can choose to help increase scuff and mark protection, but vinyl is usually resistant enough in areas of normal foot traffic.

One extra advantage of vinyl tiles and planks is the ability to change certain areas of the floor without needing to replace the whole area, so is a great option for busy offices and commercial kitchens. It is a cost-saving option in the long run. For even speedier installation and the ability to change the flooring, loose lay is the perfect solution. Another advantage is that vinyl has become a more sustainable option, usually containing a high proportion of recycled material.

3. Ease of maintenance and installation

One key advantage of vinyl over its fabric counterparts is its ease of cleaning. Vinyl resists liquid, so any spillages or drops can quickly be mopped up, and they won’t sink into the material and leave a stain. Dust and dirt can easily be cleaned from vinyl flooring too, which makes it ideal for areas that need to maintain high hygiene standards. For more details on how easy it is to maintain contact us and talk to our experts.

Hybrid vinyl flooring planks are the right choice for your house. You may wonder why?

One of the exciting prospects which can also be daunting jobs to do is choosing a new floor for your home. It requires some research and determination for the right flooring choice for you and your home. It depends on your lifestyle, your family, your home’s location and aesthetics, the room itself, your available space, and your budget.

Options vary from carpet, which adds warmth and cosines, to laminate for an easy-clean option with the authentic appearance of wood; to timber for a modern, long-lasting result; or bamboo for strength and flexibility. Ceramic tiles are hypoallergenic, cool, and last a long time. Alternatively, you may prefer vinyl for its durability and resilience. Hybrid vinyl offers the best privileges of both laminate and vinyl, with the appealing look of timber.

What is Hybrid Vinyl Flooring?

Hybrid vinyl is an innovative solution for covering the floor. It has the best features of vinyl and laminate. Unlike most of the other flooring materials, it is suitable to install it thoroughly in the house. It provides you with the appearance and authenticity of timber flooring without the price tag or the drawbacks of timber.

They are remarkably durable. It is crafted from a high-density core of materials including limestone, virgin vinyl, bamboo flour, and recycled wood. It is a rigid, hard-wearing floating floor, yet it still has the comfort and warmth of natural wood.

Why Choose Hybrid Vinyl?

Hybrid vinyl is a flooring material that you can truly trust in it for delivering on its promise. It has both the performance and appearance of timber or laminate flooring without the downsides of the other materials.

Maybe, the biggest merit of them is that it is naturally waterproof, meaning it is ideal for installation throughout the entire home, such as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry. Timber and laminate flooring are not suitable for use in such spaces.

Other benefits of:

  • A consistent, seamless, fresh look

  • Durability

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Superior quality

  • Relative affordability

They come in a vast array of colors, textures, and styles. Also, it can be installed on almost any subfloor surface.

Advantages of Hybrid Vinyl Flooring

With a hybrid vinyl flooring, you are getting a superior waterproof floor that is durable as well. Flooring leaders who have engineered these vinyl planks were thinking about eliminating common complaints of regular vinyl and laminate.


These planks are 100% waterproof. They can be used in residential and commercial applications. Also, they can be installed above and below grade.


Hybrid vinyl flooring planks provide a rigid core with the top coating of a laminate. With these features, they are considered as dent, scratch, stain, and UV resistant planks. They will hold up to pets, kids and foot traffic.


These planks can grab attention with imaging technology, texture, and edges that mimic the real look and feel of traditional hardwoods, without all the maintenance.

DIY Installation:

Hybrid vinyl flooring features the same tongue and groove click locking system as laminates and vinyl. with little equipment, they can be easily DIY installed.

Commercial Projects:

Hybrid vinyl flooring can be an excellent choice for commercial spaces. Not only do you get the waterproof qualities of vinyl, but you also get the surface durability, stain resistance and slight resistance of a laminate.


Hybrid vinyl flooring provides a rigid core construction that is dense and also thicker than traditional vinyl flooring. you will have added cushion and sound absorption if you choose a hybrid floor with attached underlayment or opt for an underlayment beneath your hybrid flooring.


You may have a hollow sound when you walk on your flooring, with a laminate or hardwood. With the rigid core technology, you will have a very solid step on your floor. But you can be sure that they produce little sound. If you opt for underlayment, the sound will be even lighter!

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning:

Laminate and vinyl flooring planks are both easy to clean and maintain. Hybrid vinyl flooring planks are no different! is all you need is regular sweeping, spot cleaning and weekly deeper cleaning.

The biggest problem of hybrid vinyl flooring is the price. You will find them more expensive than traditional vinyl or laminate due to the engineering of vinyl and laminate together. If you’re looking for an exceptional appearance mixed with unmatched waterproof durability, you may find the price tag is worth it!

Contact Melbourne Flooring today if you would like to install high-quality hybrid vinyl plank flooring for your home or business. 

Hybrid click lock vinyl flooring installation Melbourne

Vinyl flooring is a great material that will add value to the interior of your house. Installing hybrid click lock vinyl flooring is a risky and difficult job, but the results will be worthy and valuable at the end. You can install click lock vinyl flooring on your own, but you need to know using professional flooring company is the best way for you to save time and money, and also have an attractive look for your floor.
Here we provide you with some tips on installing the vinyl flooring, but we suggest a professional team to make the job easier for you.

What is hybrid click lock vinyl flooring

click lock vinyl flooring is strong and stands up well to heavy traffic areas. It is comfortable for walking on and it has a low noise than other types of flooring, which may be important for people that have children or pets. It is also not more expensive than other flooring choices and is easy to install and maintain. Some kinds of the vinyl flooring are thin and you should know it’s hard and cold because it lays-out exactly on the concrete.

Tips to install click lock vinyl flooring

  1. the first step for vinyl flooring is cleaning and making sure that it is flat and free of flaws. Make sure to fill the hole and cracks, too.
  2.  You can measure your room and then decide how you want to lay-out the vinyl click lock flooring. After that, you may need to cut some of the boards to fit into the room. Before cutting them, you should make sure about the measurement that you already took, because it might get ugly and could leave an extra piece of vinyl.
  3.  The direction of boards is very important. You should lay the vinyl to the longest run of the room. For example, if the room is 10-feet by 8-feet, you should run along the 10-feet wall. It makes your home such a beauty.
  4.  Insert some shims to creat gap, it helps them to expand with temperatures change and the gap between the walls and flooring.
  5.  Now start to lay them one by one. do it from the left side of the room. When you install the vinyl floor, try to lay them floor as fast as possible.

benefits of the click lock vinyl flooring

  1.  The luxuriouse vinyl is cheaper than carpet.
  2.  Vinyl flooring lasting is about 20 years.
  3.  It is also durable and it’s more attractive.

Different types of hybrid click lock flooring installations

There are some kinds of vinyl flooring, some of them can be install over old flooring, and other ones can be installed directly on top of the subfloor.

Depending on the flooring you desire, you have two choices to how you want to install your vinyl flooring: glue down vs. floating. Let’s explain them briefly.

Glue down vinyl flooring installation

One of the benefits of the glue down is that it involves a seamless replacement. It involves similar and easy cleaning and maintenance. This is a traditional installation, but they are good choices for heavy traffic areas. The glue-down methods have two types, hard set, pressure-sensitive.

Floating vinyl flooring installation

Recently this method of installation is the popular choice, especially for vinyl flooring. The reason being is, it uses the newest technology. Depending on the type of floating, the ways of the installation might be different. There are two kinds of floating method, Loose Lay and Click vinyl flooring. Loose Lay makes a quick install with a beautiful result.

You can use the tips that we have just gave you to choose the perfect flooring for your place. On the other hand, we can deliver you high-quality hybrid click lock vinyl in Melbourne. contact us at Melbourne Flooring , here we can help you with high-quality products and a competitive prices.