Allowing you more freedom and flexibility in creativity and design than any other flooring material, using commercial carpet tiles for your office space is the perfect pick for any office design project. With new high-velocity dye-technologies, custom carpet manufacturers provide you with the tools to create virtually anything on high-quality material at an appropriate price. Flooring is such an important part of any design project, encompassing a massive percentage of office space. Great office carpet tiles enable you to use this space to your advantage by creating a design that defines the brand you are working for, and a carpet for office use is the most practical flooring choice for an everyday work environment due to its ability to absorb and improve the sound in an open office layout.

How to Choose the Best Office Carpet Tiles

Designing an office space can be a long process, part of which includes picking the perfect carpeting for the office. Choosing the right carpet for your next office-project requires you to assess the workspace and consider the multiple factors that can affect commercial carpet types. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when picking a carpet for office use.

How long does the office carpet tile need to last?

First things first. Figure out what the office carpet tile’s life expectancy should be. A basic rule of thumb: the longer the lease, the higher quality of carpet required.

How will the different spaces in the office be used?

Next, determine how much each office area will be used in terms of foot traffic and furniture movement. Private offices and conference rooms may require lower levels of carpet tile resilience due to moderate use, while corridors and common areas typically receive heavy use. These are important things to consider when choosing the best office carpet for your office.

Read more for further details on the performance attributes of different office carpet tiles for different levels of usage.

What will this carpet tile look like in an actual office space?

Lighting can impact your office carpets in more ways than one, changing the look and feel of your design completely. Taking office carpet samples on-site allows you to view the carpet tile under the office lighting, as well as bring your vision to life in the space it will operate. We at Melbourne Flooring let you book a mobile showroom to see office carpet tile samples in person.

How can I prepare for office carpet tile installation?

Before installing your new office carpet, confirm all details at hand with your carpet tile supplier and office carpet tile installer prior to delivery.

Costly mistakes are common at the installation stage unless careful preparations are made. You don’t want this happening with your project. Instead, you want to be able to admire the stunning results.

Final Tips

No matter what style of carpet tile you choose for your office, be sure to place a protective mat under your chair, to prevent damage from the chair rolling across the surface of the carpet (which can lead to excessive wear and potential snags). Also, consider choosing a color that complements the décor of the rest of your home, for continuity.